Thursday, 3 November 2016

NightBlooming haul

All the excitement over the new Nightblooming books and the awesome interview made me place an order of my first Nightblooming haul!
It seems like it's such a longhair milestone to try the salves, doesn't it?









Since Nightblooming has now teamed up with Hennasooq, I could also get some cassia in one, convenient shopping basket!


  1. What I'm still not sure about is that does henna actually repair hair or does it cover damage like everything else? Did Nightblooming use a deep/intense microscope to show before and after shots? I can't think anything can repair hair---to me, it's like a rope---once frayed, you can't re-structure it---you can glue it or coat it to make it stronger, but it's still damaged. I've done online searches but to me, I'm not always confident the web has valid information and prefer to ask those who have studied it indepth, that gain nothing from my questions/curiosity. I thought hair was dead, thus couldn't be repaired.....

  2. So exciting! I can't wait to hear what you think of everything :)

    Re: henna and repair- nothing repairs hair back to its original state. What henna does is:

    1- give a permeable resin coating. This obviously doesn't repair cuticle scales, but does fill in the gaps left behind from worn or damaged or missing scales. It then smooths the hair and helps protect the scales still there.

    2- strengthens the cortex of the hair when the lawsone binds to it via Michael addiction. This can add a little added structure and strength to worn or damaged hair buy

    So damaged hair is still damaged. Henna, though, can help permanently mitigate and manage some of the damage :)

    1. Thank you SO much Nightblooming!!! This is great information! I can't henna since my skin is so darn sensitive, but I've always been curious to know about it. I was worried about asking in case it was misunderstood---I just love learning about things people have worked hard in researching/putting study time into :D

      How would you rate henna's ability to penetrate the hair shaft vs oils?