Saturday, 5 November 2016

Hair book disappointment

Strangely, I didn't get sick at all from the influenza vaccination.
I'm strangely disappointed actually: I had prepared and stocked up and gotten books from the library amd everything.

I had hoped this book on braids and updos could at least inspire me a bit, but it just disappointed me. I had a funny "WTF" moment though, where I recognized so many of the pictures. It turned out it's written by the bloggers at Hairromance.

But it felt a lot like "Backcomb and it's a totally different hairdo!" or "Add a detail and it's a totally different hairdo!" and had a strange focus on adding fake hair to any style.

This is more the things I had expected: "Do this to create an unique new style", and it didn't teach me anything new. Meh.

Maybe Nightblooming would be interested in writing another book and creating a healthy hair-trilogy?
*Hint hint* *Nudge nudge*

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  1. When I look for hair style ideas, I go to you or another long hair person (haartrum is her name). While you both have much longer and thicker hair than I do, your styles work for my lifestyle and both of you are very, very creative!

    I used to look on Pinterest, but very often, like this book, it's all about adding fake hair---namely because most people don't have a ton of hair to create such full looking styles.

    I just want to have some fun with my braids, since that's what I primarily use at work, and styles with hair sticks, though I still can't master a lazy wrap bun properly ;)