Friday, 21 October 2016


Ugh. My hair has been doing that annoying "mildly upset"-thing for some weeks now. 
I think I may have overdone the benign neglect thing: I've been feeding it plenty of leave in conditioner to protect it from the windy, cold and wet autumn, given it oil at the ends something and been doing overnight deep conditionings for days off.
Yea, its been too much for my coarse hair.
It's been ages since last I created build up, but there we go.
I used the Lioele L'Cret Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo that I got in a Memebox Rapunzel box back in 2014 (!). I gave the shampoo to hubby back then, but he has so much shampoo that I've received unwanted, so he haven't managed to work through the pile yet.
It was pretty good actually. Felt pretty gentle and smelled like herbs.
Of course my hair was pretty cranky to be shampooed, but it has calmed down by the next day, and then the "mildly upset" issue was gone.
When did I last have to shampoo my hair?


  1. Did you give up shampoo because of scalp issues or strand issues? I know that, for my needs, I have to wash daily to keep my SD at bay. I tried to stretch washes and my scalp got SO angry with me. I tried CO washes and that was a nightmare. But, my hair isn't as thick or coarse as yours and I have an oily scalp. Add to that the sweat from riding or wearing hats a lot, and it's just a lovely breeding ground for SD. My scalp is far happier now with close to no SD flares (just a few from stress). Been a huge relief because the itching just drives me crazy ;)

    1. To be honest I started COing because it was the gentlest way to cleanse and I wanted to do all the things for my hair XD I've kept with it because it cleans 95% as good as shampoo for me. But then again my scalp is pretty sensitive and hates harsh stuff just like my skin... It's funny how big a difference there is from scalp to scalp!