Monday, 18 January 2016

Swap, part III

Charlaine received her package!
The waiting and hoping that your friend receives the parcel is the worst part of swapping, so it was a huge relief it arrived in one piece.

Pictures borrowed with permission from Charlaine's facebook.

Bottom right is the little extra I added (And debated endlessly if I should add it or not!): A golden Evita Peroni "Fakkare"

She looks happy, so it makes me very happy.

(Note to self: Teach Hubby to be creative with taking pictures too. He could learn a thing or two from Charlaine's hubby!)

Charlaine says the clip only works in a rather messy bun, but I'm still happy it does work for her. Those Ficcare-shaped clips can be really tricky to get to work, which is why I debated for so long whether I should add it or not.


  1. This is so sweet! I think I could never thank you enough for this cuteness overload, dear Ida. And I absolutely love the Fakkare :)
    Eric naturally makes me laugh when taking pictures; hard for me to strike a pose, always ends up in sillyness though. But that's what you get when your hubby's a professional photographer, I suppose XD

  2. Lovely!!! Thanks for sharing :)