Thursday, 23 June 2011

9½ years!

Picture time!

My darling hubby gave me 4 Terry Pratchett books for my hairniversary. I have the best hubby in the world!

I’m finally, finally at a clear and obvious knee length!

The ends are a bit weird though being noticeably wavier than the rest (And thinner!)

Opinions on taking about 10 cm off? (Edit: Scratch that, hubby vetoed it)

None of the front pictures turned out really well. It’s a really dark, rainy and stormy day so they light was absolutely horrible to take pictures in


  1. That's so amazing! I love still being able to follow your growing :)

  2. Looks amazing!! And if you want to cut 10cms, I'd say go for it. It'll still be long. Hubby probably won't notice ;)

  3. It is really amazing. If you want a trim, go for it, but I guess it woulb be more useful to due a series of small trims and Hubby would prbably be more happy with it. :)

  4. Woooooooooow <3 <3 You are my hairy hero