Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cut my hair!

Behind the irritating and attention seeking title is that fact that today I trimmed the little patch in the back of my neck. My hairline is pretty asymmetrical and my hair grows a lot further down the neck in the left than the right side. That silly little patch is even much curlier than the rest of my near-straight hair and always forms this little squiggly curl. It grows a lot slower than the rest of my hair too!   
It was super irritating because it means the little bit of hair would always end up either sagging or pulling. I started cutting it many years ago and was really worried I would regret it, but I never have. Since it grows so slow, I only have to take the scissors to it a couple of times a year too.
I always end up cutting it when I have that “Argh, I have a bug crawling on my neck!!1!11!!” freak-out. It’s always followed by the “People around you staring at you like you’re an idiot and wondering why you were hysterically swatting at your own neck”-experience.
There really aren’t a lot of hairs in that little patch
Not even enough to do a decent silent movie-villain beard
Would it have worked if I had used my scissor as a monocle? Mmm, quite!

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  1. Ahhh! I have those too! I always wanted to know WHY it took them what feels like a billion years to grow, and why they frizz and curl and just drive me bonkers--but for me, it's even through the bottom of my hairline, so I leave it alone.