Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Took a detour to H&M on the way to the gym. I meant to pick up a few things: Cotton pads of the large kind since I have a weird aversion to the smaller ones and new eyelash colour since my “old” one seemed strangely non colouring the last time I used it. Can dye lose its colouring ability? Hmm?
They had an Elvital conditioner on sale that I’ve never seen before: Arginine resist x3.
The last couple of years I haven’t used Elvital a lot. They seem to aim for slightly higher prices than most “supermarket” brands and that makes me not pick them up unless they’re on sale.
Why would I use a conditioner for 40 kronor when one for 20 washes and conditions just as well?

Hah: Having long hair has made me really cheap!

It was 49,50 and down to 19,50 so I picked it up just to try. The ingredient list looked alright: Glycerine high on the list, some cones, protein high on the list, followed by arginine and ending with a lot of ingredients I could recognise the name of but not remember what was exactly.
But what was with the arginine? All I could remember about it was that it was an amino acid, so… Protein.
Once I came home I Googled for it but didn’t have much luck in getting the information I wanted. All I could tell after trawling through page after page was that it’s a kind of wunderkind to hair loss promising to promote circulation and stimulate growth hormones. Hmm. In that case I guess the claim of “Nourishes the hair root!” isn’t quite as “Hah!!”-inducing as I first thought?
The whole time I kept having a feeling of déjà vu. Like I should recognise the dramatic black bottle. That I had seen it before. A very persistent feeling that wouldn’t go away.
I “thumbed” aimlessly through my blog hoping something would spark my memory and sure enough: Here.
What do you all think?
  • An unusual black bottle (Did they run out of the cutesy plastic dye at the plant?)
  • Highly contrasting pink/gold details
  • Unusually hair science specific ingredients
I really should run the low risk of my hair disliking this one and stock up on it…

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