Thursday, 26 January 2012

Regrowth progress

I experienced a very sneaky shed from stress and depression about 3 years ago. When I say sneaky, I mean that I didn’t even know I had it until I saw the irritating halo from regrowth. I probably lost just a few extra hairs per day which is nothing even the most eager and attentive longhair would notice.
The regrowth in total is about the thickness of a finger if I gather it all up, so I lost quite a bit!

It has been a giant pain in the ass to deal with the halo and right up until I could get it into a ponytail and hold it in with the up do, I’ve been very dependant on headbands.
Now that the majority of it is shoulder length, I barely notice it.

I had some strands poking out of my braid today in a kind of cute way and took a picture of it.
My mane looks really impressive when I zoom in on it like this, heh!

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