Friday, 3 February 2012

Argh, seriously?

Blogger… What a headache. I seriously regret my choice of blog platform!

I’m well aware of the consistent trouble with posting comments. Even if I wasn’t already, people tell me on an almost daily basis. And there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. Ugh.

Now all my “right sidebar” stuff is moved down below my blog posts and there doesn’t seem to be a reason to. There is nothing I can do to change it and everything appears to be absolutely fine in my control panel so…. Huh? WTF?


  1. I have no problem with posting comments and the layout for me is the same. Everything is on the right side as always. I know I had this issue with my website if I changed fonts or templates.

  2. Layout is good here and on the right side.
    No troubles posting here.


  3. It's working fine for me and all looks the same. Could the layout be a browser issue? I'm on Firefox 9.0.1.

  4. Well if you're not satisfied...swap sites? Wordpress always worked like a charm for me :)