Friday, 10 February 2012

Pity party

I’m sick. It sucks. I blame hubby.

No, actually I blame myself. And irony.

Hubby has been sick for a week or so. Coughing and running a fever. I’ve been nursing *cough* babysitting *cough* him and he was worried he would get me sick too. Since it had been about a week since he started getting sick and I was feeling absolutely fine Wednesday when he last worried about it, I said “I think whatever you have can’t get me. Otherwise I would have been sick by now.”

Obviously that was tempting faith and/or irony?

I woke up feeling snotty Thursday. Today, Friday, I have a high fever; I’m snotty, sneezing, freezing and absolutely miserable.
To add insult to injury I should have been to Malmö with Biologist friend this morning and out for a steak and a stand-up comedy show later today with everyone.

The built in webcam in the purple laptop doesn’t do my bright red nose justice. I could win the Rudolf the Rednosed Snotdeer lookalike competition right now.



  1. Hope you get all well and feeling much better soon!

  2. Awe ((hugs))) I hope you feel better soon!
    From someone who took care of kids, the minute you are around germs, unless you wear gloves a mask and never touch your face, those germs are pretty transmitable. I hope hubby is feeling better soon too. Lots of fluids and rest.

  3. hehe I'm guessing it's the Betner show you're going to? Pity you're not going tomorrow in Lund or I would have said hi :) Hope you get better soon!

    /n00b :)

  4. Get well soon! There's a bug going round my family at the moment too, I'm eating a kiwi fruit everyday in the hopes that the insane amounts of vitamin C will see me through without catching it. :)