Thursday, 19 April 2012

Leave in vs. Rinse out

I really enjoy The Beauty Brains blog. It’s a wonderful place to debunk stupid beauty myths and learn new things.
I know some people can get a diluted rinse out-product to work as a leave in product, but I never got it to work myself. (Well, I tried a lot of “weird” stuff when I was new to the longhair circuit. A lot of things I wouldn’t recommend anyone as well.) For me it always ended in greasy hair and irritated scalp. Well, here is the explanation for it…


  1. For my hair, and mine is finer than yours, I can but can't. What I mean is that, only in the summer when humidity is high, if I don't rinse the ends as well as I should, I don't notice a problem. But, that's ONLY my ends, and ONLY summer. I will get very flat hair in the winter when my hair isn't so pouffy due to humidity. And, I DO rinse it, but if the rinse isn't thorough (read: Washing hair at 2am only to rise at 8am), it's not that big of a problem. Again, only in the summer months.

    I could never leave it on my scalp, but I have sensitive skin, so I'll blame that ;)

  2. I would never leave anything on my scalp either, but I have tried leaving normal conditioner (inspired by CG routines, though I'm barely even wavy). It was okay but I wasn't blown away by the results.
    Really interesting article though, I really enjoy that website too.