Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Long hair on men in fashion?

Well, I suppose when I write “long” I mean about shoulder length which is usually considered long to everyone else but is rather short if you’re in the longhair circuit.
It seems I’m seeing more and more longhaired men wearing their hair in a knot.

I absolutely approve of this trend!

The dominant style seems to be slightly choppy/layered shoulder length hair in a ponytail pulled half through and halfway bunned so the result is slightly messy and more like a knot. Without a handful of glossy gel, it leans more to a warrior knot than that slicked 80es drug dealer-look.

It really reminds me of some ancient warrior’s hair: Rugged and hard to tame so it’s swept back in the sturdiest style they have at hand. The dark haired versions I’ve seen so far has a definite look of samurai top knot to them. The lighter versions reminds me more of a half made Suebian knot. But since it’s kept relatively short (Haven’t yet spotted any guy wearing a knot that would have longer than top of shoulder blade-length hair) and low in the back of the head it doesn’t cross over in Sikh-territory

Hah, I’m not the only one who realised it’s a trend: Linklink and link

I see there is some controversy on calling it “buns”. I suggest “knot” instead of bun. At least on what I have seen being popular around me; it really isn’t a fully formed bun.

Never dated one though. I had my eyes on one once: Tall, intelligent, interesting and funny IT engineer student with mid back length blonde hair. But at the time I was in another relationship. When we broke up, the long haired guy had just cut his hair! It was the only time I ever found myself being disappointed or annoyed that someone had cut their hair.
Since I at that time was at a university in Denmark that produced various forms of engineers, I was surrounded by tall, intelligent, interesting and funny engineering students with blonde hair. The long haired guy stood out. Then he cut it. Meh, it’s not my place to judge people for what they do to their hair, but I was still disappointed that day.
Of course it wasn’t the hair I was interested in, but shortly after I found myself in a relationship with a different tall, intelligent, interesting and funny IT engineer who was going bald but still had short blonde hair.

Here is some eye candy for everyone: Sites dedicated solely to men with long hair!

Well, boring blah-blah aside, I definitely approve of this trend and I definitely approve of longhaired men! Yum.


  1. I am a male. My hair is hip length and i wear it almost always in a braided nautilus (Which I learned from this blog) or a cinnamon bun. I own 3 pairs of hairswords and a 5 prong hair fork from Grahtoe and a couple of hairsticks. I am considering a flexi 8. I even protect my hair when sleeping with a braid and a Buff so new growth doesn't break. I looked at the photo's you linked and their hair all seems so short. Sorry for this weird message

  2. This trend has also spread a lot here in Greece last years and I took advantage of it to grow my hair long, which is something I wanted to do since I was a teenage metalhead (I'm 28 now). My hair is now a little past shoulder length and I want to grow it to my waist. Do you think thiw style will work for longer hair or will it look weird?

  3. Oh my.. Thanks a lot for the links ! <3
    My boyfriend actually grows his hair. He used to have it at Tailbone length, was just so so gorgeous !

    Your hair is truly amazing !

  4. Anon: Yay, I’m so happy I could help!! And don’t feel sorry for the “weird” message. I found it interesting to hear from a longhaired guy!

    Alexandros: I wish I knew, but it’s pretty hard to know. If it makes you happy, why not go for it? You can always cut it back.

    Pauline: You’re welcome! And thank you for the compliment! :)