Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fail and more fail

Some days ago I found a really big and soft old towel in the back of our closet. I claimed it as my personal hair towel.
My hair has been pretty tangly and irritated for a few days too. I just assumed it needed an S&D and some moisture. I put it on top of my mental to do-list.
Yesterday I picked a tangle apart and found it had been formed around a piece of lint. Again, nothing weird about that: When my hair is dry it seems to attract lint.
This morning in my half sleeping state I grabbed the wrong towel for my hair and wrapped the soft one around my body. I noticed my hair was a lot easier to detangle but didn’t connect the dots until I unwrapped the body towel and noticed my skin was covered in lint.
Crap! The soft old towel had “shed” lint in my hair and caused tangles!

Who would have thought a simple thing like a towel could cause tangles? 

As I combed and braided my hair I pondered how to add it to my beginners guide to healthy hair-article.

I combed through my unbraided hair to smooth it over before braiding the last bit when…


Yep, the one Hairsense comb I thought was remotely ok broke.

I guess when I last wrote that “I seriously couldn’t be more disappointed in Hairsense than I am right now” it was taken as a challenge?

I bought 6 combs from Hairsense. I have only used 4 of them so far.

  • One of them developed a nasty tear in one of the teeth after just 5 uses.
  • Another one broke after having owned it for 2½ month.
  • The combs all have a rough and unimpressive finish. (And yet their website sings the praises of how fantastically amazing and handmade their combs are and how they “Put an end to cruelty to hair!”. Right.)
  • The owner didn’t notice me of shipping the combs or even having received my order and when pressed for information hinted that it was somehow my email that was at fault.
  • She basically wrote lolspeak to me in all communication.

Yea, she is a real piece of work and her products are awful.

Google has mostly good reviews (Maybe I was just really, really, really unlucky with her?) but also some really telling ones… 

I feel guilty for ordering a comb for a friend as well!


  1. Hummm... Maybe you'd better use a horn comb ? :/

  2. The best comb I've ever owned was actually bought at Åhlens in Malmö (you can find them at Kicks as well), it's called "Wika" and claims to be handmade, I think I paid like 35 or 45 swedish konor for it.

  3. Wow--I've had mini tangles due to lint too--again, I don't have as much hair as you, but isn't it odd how we find out those little things by a mistake(Grabbing the wrong towel). I tend to use beach towels for my hair--they are bigger and absorb more water. I also find they don't leave fuzzies. In fact, the softer the towel, the more fluff I get..on me AND my hair--those towels I use for the cats (to sleep on/protect my bed)

    As for Hairsense---if it's a website, leave a bad rating on the Better Business Bureau site. That will slow them down a bit. :)

    No reviews yet. Might want to start :) Since it's a US store, you would file through the US BBB