Sunday, 15 July 2012

[Bleep!] yeah!

I had Hubby take off another 2 cm today following my reverse U shape theory(We didn’t take pictures of the process since we did that already)

Then I braided it.

And, well. I’m trying very, very hard not to get too excited here.

I know you can never do braids 100% accurate and you can never completely copy a hairstyle.


As I was nearing the end of my braid, I noticed how the 3 strands were matched perfectly in length and thickness.

And the result?


But yea, I’m trying very hard not the get super excited about this since it may just be more or less random luck, but the way it looks right now, we absolutely nailed the effect I wanted: More thickness all the way down and a short, fat little tassel.

We will have to see how it looks the next time I make a braid. 


  1. I'm interested in seeing how the reverse U looks like without the braid.

    Braid is LOVELY!!!!

  2. Yay!! Igor, the braid is looking fabulous. I dream of a tassel like yours! Okay, it's a bit early to tell if you will be able to replicate the same result, but I hope you will :)

  3. Lady Igor!
    Omg, I just found your wonderful blog and even more wonderful hair by youtube! That braid is PERFECT!

    Mayebe you would like to check out my blog, too, if the google tanslator works ;)

    Hugs from Germany!