Friday, 14 December 2012


One of my guilty pleasures is to read (about) the Swedish top bloggers. For the most of the time, it’s the equivalent of trash TV: The backstabbing, the constant drunkenness, the whoring themselves out for products or money, the eating disorders, the more or less obvious drug problems, the teenager-clique-esque behaviour where one moment two bloggers are BFFs and the next hate each other. You couldn’t make up how amusing it is!

Of all the Swedish top bloggers, my favourites are Kissie and Foki. Kissie for being so entertaining and Foki for making something out of herself through her blog, creating a business and moving somewhere exotic and interesting. I love reading her blog and envying her life!

My least favourites are Tyra and BlondinBella. Ironically, Tyra also “made something out of herself” through her blogs, but her fashion seems to be shamelessly copied from other brands and her riding is extremely unsympathetical to me with her horses constantly ridden behind the vertical. BlondinBella I just can’t stand: She seems to have made a career out of trying to coach and encourage people to follow their dreams, but hold on a minute here: If she fails with a business, she can run crying to mega-rich old daddy. Does she really think the reason people don’t follow their business-dreams is that they haven’t heard or read her fantastically inspirational inspiration? Does she not realise the rest of us mortals don’t have the option of running crying to daddy and it might hold us back to know we will be paying for a failed business literally for the rest of our lives? Delusional much? Yep, I can’t stand her at all.

Anyways. I had a real fangirl moment today reading Foki’s blog. It’s probably completely random, but she had a picture of my expensive Jaguar scissor in a post about her being at her stylist.


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