Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Igor’s random recommendations

  • Acuvue one day contact lenses. I have been wearing contact lenses for 15 years or so and have tried a lot of different ones: Coloured, week lenses, month lenses. But these are simply the best and I keep returning to these. I order them from
  • Decubal bodylotion. Great, simple bodylotion that I keep returning to. This is a great example of counting the ingredients instead of reading them. Only 9 ingredients. I don’t think you can get this one outside Scandinavia though? I get it at the pharmacy and it is used at all hospitals here. 
  • Matas fodpeeling. This works like a mixture of an acid peel and a scrub. It’s absolutely wonderful for any kind of tough skin. Hands feeling a bit rough? Just do a pretend-hand wash with a few drops of this and slather with cream afterwards. Voila: Baby soft hands. Only available in the Scandinavian Matas chain.
  • Montagne Jeunesse dead sea facial mask. Best facial mask I have ever tried in my life, hands down! It might be a bit rough on sensitive skin, but it really sucks impurities out and leaves my skin squeaky clean. I find it in random beauty stores.
  • Sunsilk leave in conditioner. I love this thing. Creamy texture, good effect and a price I’m willing to pay (Unlike the vast majority of leave in products!) I get it at H&M.
I have chosen not to recommend any conditioners because everyone has different results. But if I were pressed for recommendations I would name the blue VO5 conditioner for CO washing and that orange Schwarzkopf Gliss conditioner that says something about “19 ingredients” for deep treatments. But then again, my hair is very easy to get along with and only seems to dislike Palmolive’s conditioners and too much protein.
Big recommendation for getting an epilator too. They leave you looking naturally hairless instead of those sharp edges from shaving or waxing. And it lasts for weeks too! I currently have a Braun silk epil 3, but I think it’s not as good as my old model which name I can’t remember.
Also not in the picture: Intrauterine device. Ladies, you should seriously consider getting one in copper if you’re in a committed relationship. No more weird hormones and side effects. 


  1. I'm SO jealous you can get Swartzkopf Gliss--my friend in Finland also loves that product, but we cannot get it here in North America. :(

  2. Maybe we could exchange some products some time, but I’m not sure Gliss is so great it would be worth the shipping cost… X__X