Sunday, 10 March 2013

Not so cute

I decided to try the triple braided bun from my last post.
It looks so cute on the model!

On me?
Yea, not so much.
They are definitely too big to be cute.

Note the short pieces at my neck. Still undecided what to do with them.

When Hubby saw me, his first comment was “Princess Leia buns!” Hm, yea okay, but… Not really what I was going for. *Pout*


  1. They look lovely! And I have the exact same issue with those weird pieces under my hair. They will grow at a snails pace then all of a sudden, be gone, then new ones will appear. Bizarre!

  2. Looks GREAT to me - I LOVE IT - BEAUTIFUL.
    You are way too negative on your evaluation.
    Thanks for sharing a great style.

  3. I think it looks pretty awesome, but I can see what you mean about them being big. Maybe if you do them a little messier so that they sort of "flow" together more? Or even try doing four, since you have so much hair?? My hair is just past APL, but I still think that even if my hair were down to my knees, I'd barely have enough hair to fill three braided buns. I hate having such fine hair!

  4. Darkhorse: I cross my fingers that is what will happen! They are so annoying! =(
    Rā: That’s a good idea. I will do that if I try them again :) I think these would look a lot more cute and delicate with fine hair, so you should try them! :)

  5. I thinks its really cute but I feel they look a bit unbalanced, I would do two I guess?
    Cute hairstyle anyway!
    Can you try to grow the short piece and put it up with some aloe vera gel?
    Love, louisa :)

  6. I was just thinking what Ra said--and what if you took smaller sections? Meaning doing it in a half up do with that? I think the real issue is your hair is too long, so the roses become rather full. What if you only braided half way down, leaving a tail and then wrapping just the braided section, half up do, and the length of the unbraided section would blend in with your hair? Unless you prefer your hair all up.