Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hm, really feels like overkill to use a pin to keep up the 20 or so hairs I’m trying to grow out. But if I don’t, they make this irritating curl and flap around all over the place. I need some serious shopping for some smaller pins or tiny claw clips.


  1. Beautiful bun style. You could be your own "living sculpture" exhibit.

  2. Hi Ida.
    I want to say many thanks for your blog!
    I have similar long hairs, but more light color. And pity thing is that I have never tried to do some extra hairstyles except simple bridedhair. I didn't even think that this is possible, because of the significant weight.
    But something tells me that I will try something new soonest as your descriptions are quite simple and usefull.
    Wish you and your hairs more nice experiments! :-)