Wednesday, 3 April 2013

32 tomorrow

I never really understood the big deal about birthdays.
I mean, really, it’s not like I have some condition or sickness that would lover my chances of surviving another year and there are no big sabre tooth tigers lurking around here.
So, really, we’re celebrating that I didn’t step out in front of a big truck for a grand total of 365 days?
Couldn’t people celebrate me when I accomplish something real instead?
I mean, honestly, I spent more energy on paying my bills this month than on turning 32. And I sure felt like I deserved cake and alcohol more after that!
Anyways: I turn 32 tomorrow. Yay! 


  1. Congrats! And hopefully there IS plenty of cake and alcohol to celebrate. Rock on!

  2. Enjoy!! just eat cake, drink and have people pamper you--it's the only time of the year you really get that ;)

  3. Maybe it is not just you celebrating the fact, that you were born and are still alive, but the people around you, who love you are grateful and want to celebrate with you?

    Anyways: have a nice birthday. :)

  4. Mange gange tillykke med i morgen! ^_____^

  5. I know what you mean Igor---I always felt after 'milestone' birthdays as an adult, they seemed to be just like any other day. Maybe we should start a new birthday ritual? Like 'Hey! Guess what? You made it another year without dying! Congrats!" or something like that. Instead of happy birthday it could be happy one more year of paying bills day? ;)