Thursday, 15 August 2013

Progress. Or not.

The upload issue has cost me more time and energy than expected.
Step 1: Chose a new upload site.
After much research, I chose a place called Shutterfly. It had great reviews. Free, no upload limit and no size limit. Seemed perfect.
Step 2: Renaming pictures.
When I first started taking hair pictures and uploading them, I didn’t always know what styles would “stick”.For instance when I first saw a Celtic knot I thought it would be my most favourite style ever. 

But since it only looks like a slightly lumpy Chinese bun when I do them, that didn’t happen. I had a lot of braided Nautili buns stuck under “Updo xxxx” since I didn’t think that one bun would become my go-to.
In general, most of my pictures needed an extra “0” in the file name to keep them ordered or some renaming that made more sense.
Step 3: Sort in categories for easy upload.
Makes it easier when I have to find pictures again too.
Step 4: Upload everything to new site.
Phew, good thing I didn’t have to upload them one at the time!
Step 5: Insert new picture address in old broken images.
I decided to start with a brand new picture and take a length shot.
…Only to discover that Shutterfly doesn’t allow you to link a picture as easily as I expected. At least not in full size. And what’s the [bleep]ing point then? Sure I can make albums and invite people to see them, but why can’t I just stick my full sized picture in a simple [IMG]?
[Bleep] you, Fluttershy. [Bleep] you, [Bleep] you, [Bleep] you!

Anyways. Here are the largest pictures [bleep]ing Fluttershy allowed me to post.
(Including the weird white BS on the sides taking up room)

I think I’m actually getting close to terminal length. My growth appears to stall and the ends are getting pretty thin.
Oh well, another thing to take a look at when I have more time. 


  1. One thing that may be happening is that the shorter hairs are catching up to the others--are you noticing any extra thickness? Lower down I mean. Maybe start tracking your thickness and where the hair begins to thin out as it gets longer, and then see if that improves over time--I noticed this about my own ends when I had longer hair (past my butt) I mean, if you have the time. Looks pretty good to me! :D

    Question: Do those buns pull on your scalp at all? I've found, over time, anything that pins into my scalp--even a french braid starts to make my scalp tender. I chalk it up to aging ;)

    1. Great update pics, if you are approaching terminal, it's at a very wonderful length. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Where can i buy it

  2. Uploading shouldn't have to be such a pain. In the US, I can just upload pictures to Blogger and they are stored on Picasa. I always presumed it worked that way everywhere.