Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Still alive

Hi everyone!
Been a while, haven’t it?
Nothing much has changed… Still crazy busy, still doing benign neglect. Although I’m beginning to wonder where the “benign” part ends.
That’s part of the reason I made a new page… Figured it would be interesting to see how my routine changes over time. If nothing else it could be interesting to compare routines later to my bordering on actual neglect-current one.
I can’t wait to get more time on my hands. My free time definitely isn’t free as I have about a hundred things on my “should do” list. (That list that is my list of things I theoretically would like to get through should I ever get done with my “to do” list) As things are now I find myself answering skype messages even from my Hubby just because it’s stressing me out and I’m desperate for the damn flashing to go away.

I was spending a bit of time on UTT today and found myself reading the Would you rather game, hair edition-thread. I found a clear pattern in it: The members of UTT would rather lose some length than take overall damage through the length. It made me pretty happy: These people know what’s up with haircare and they don’t believe in any of the weird crap you can find on other sites. Such a difference from other places like youtube where expensive, complicated and time consuming hair care ideas run rampant.
No particular reason for mentioning this, no deeper meaning… I just found it refreshing and awesome.

To make up for this lame post, here are a couple of links I stumbled upon today

Haha, I still remember some of this!

Some of these are cute and could be done without too much trouble…

From one of my daily E-stops, B for Bel


  1. The last picture... Yeah. I know a bit about that :D

  2. Sadly, as life gets busier, hair care suffers to a degree. But your focus is right--healthy eating and sleep is your priority. Maybe make weekends (if you have them free) to have a 'fun' hair day? What are you doing right now? I don't remember your job/what you are trained in. :( Regardless I hope you manage to eliminate your stress and it's good you have added vitamins etc to your diet to help you out.