Friday, 16 May 2014

The final haul

I’ve thought a lot about how much longer I should keep growing. I feel my ends are notably thin now, maybe not so much when it’s dry and loose (My hairs tendency for mad volume makes them fluff up) but I feel it’s just too thin to even bother to braid anymore.

I do think it would be kind of cool to see if I could make my hair touch the floor, but that would take me another two years or so if I don’t get any trims.
But going trim-free again is out of the question. With the ends being as thin as they are, I will definitely need some trims to keep them in decent shape.
So with trims, it would take me another three years or so. Just to see my hair touching the floor. Hmm. Doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

But then again, I can always let it grow and see how it goes.
No matter what happens, I can always take it back to the length I was the happiest with: Slightly above mid thigh aka “reach length”.
That was long enough to do all the cool styles I love, and more manageable because I didn’t have to be “creative” to tend to the ends.

Maybe I should just go for some small trims and see how it goes?

That’s the beauty of hair: It just keeps growing if you don’t screw it over too badly.


  1. Growing to floor length is like climbing Mt. Everest...only a tiny number can accomplish it and it's a very notable accomplishment. That's my vote, but good luck with whatever path you choose.

  2. I think small trims are best. They are the middle option. Maintain njce ends and allow for gaining length.

  3. If you were shorter, your hair would have been to the floor by now ;) That's the downfall of height. I was like you--I wanted floor length hair, but then I got active with horses. My hair was past my bottom at that point (fairy tales ends in a V, I did not trim at all back then) and I actually had my dad trim it across to tailbone. Tailbone/hip for me is my longest now. I went mid-back at one point when I was competing a lot---it just became more practical. Your hair is gorgeous and you are beautiful---you can pretty much pass off any style, so making your hair what you like for your needs is best. A big cut I found scarier than many trims. Regardless of your choice, thanks for sharing great tips/advice and knowledge! I've learned a ton from you :)

  4. Very small trims and try to reach floor length, and after that. What would you do?