Sunday, 27 July 2014


I’ve been annoyed since yesterday about the pictures of the SPF experiment.
I took so many pictures in variating light conditions and yet I couldn’t catch what I saw in real life.
Two months spent with that increasingly disgusting mess parked in the window and it feels basically wasted.
It’s not the first time I’ve wished I had a better camera for hair photos.
But, this is the thing…
Outside of pictures for my blog or for UTT, I have never been unhappy with my phone camera.
And even if I had a better camera, I wouldn’t remember to bring it along with me, and if I did, I would probably reach for my phone instead.
So am I really willing to pay for a camera I will basically only use for blogging?
I get no money or goods out of blogging or posting on UTT.
It’s my hobby of sorts and my only reward is the comments I receive.

Am I really willing to pay for a camera solely for the purpose of hair photos? 


  1. Give it time. If, in a few days, you will feel like you do want to buy a camera, go for it. If you will still have doubts, leave it. Maybe it's just frustration about this one experiment, not a bigger camera need. And if you decide to buy a camera, you don't have to go for a DSLR at once. I find it ridiculous too when people buy a camera for at least 3000 PLN ($1000) for blogging - to take pictures of their make up and the products they used. (And they use auto settings anyway.) A simple digital camera should do.
    And the experiment is not wasted! You see the results, that's most important. I know that showing it on the blog is important too, but we really believe your words, and that's enough. :)

    1. That's a good point! I agree on the super fancy cameras btw... Especially when people have the ridiculous set up with antique books and freshly cut flowers and a "random" glass of wine and all the over the top light and all, just to show a lipgloss!
      It makes me feel really touched that you would take me word on this <3 Like, really :)

  2. I actually saw a difference in the hair samples with your camera. Remember this: Whatever you take, even with the best of cameras, will still show up in variations from computer to computer---to me, there's no guarantee that a better camera can enhance what your eye sees. So, I think buying one for the sake of blogs and UTT is really not worth it---unless you wish to get into photography--then it's an investment. I clearly saw that the skin SPF darkened hair vs the hair SPF, which I saw noticablely lighter and matched the hair that was untreated in the center. The newer hair shed looked more like the skin SPF. It was very fascinating and I thank you for doing this for us!!

    1. That's true... I just assumed it wasn't so visible. 4 monitors here in total and none show it well =/
      Really happy you could see a difference :) It makes it worth the icky mess in the window for so long lol

  3. I know your problem and bought a Canon ixus 125 HS and it is really worth the money that is not too much. The automatic is really great and taking pictures of black hair is not easy ;-) You can also use it to make HD video and this is really great! Maybe give it a try for a few days and if it doesn't suit you, give it back.

    1. Maybe I should :) I'm thinking something mid price or cheap. I just want a lot of pixels and optical zoom. I don't need anything else and I'll probably always just use the auto settings anyways....