Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Stumbled upon something that might be useful

I’ve been more interested in doing a million other fun things that take care of my hair the last week. So it got quite dirty with both greasy sebum and the flaky, waxy stuff.

It really needed a good scritching and a CO-wash.

This morning I suddenly found myself obsessed with the colour difference between my ends and the roots. I get those fits from time to time. It doesn’t matter how much I tell myself that it’s just natural and the result of me being outside in sunlight and general wear from the last 12½ years. Or that everyone has fade of some degree.

So, acting on my fade-fit, I threw my braid up in a bun and slathered raw honey on the scalp-hairs. My thought was that a quick honey-lightening would even out the colour. I pretty much covered everything except the bun and used a comb to “rake” the honey down a bit.

5 minutes later I was full of regret and jumped in the shower to rinse the honey out.
Gotta say that for my random fade-fits: They come in strong, but fade fast. Haha.

With the honey out of my hair, I had lost the desire to further clean my hair and just braided it and ignored it.

But now I just realised that all the flakes are gone. They honey must have sucked them up?
My hair is still pretty greasy and need a wash, but the waxy stuff is completely gone.

Honey removes waxy build up but not grease?


So honey + flakes + rinse = Flakes are gone, but the oil remains?

This requires more experimentation. 

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  1. I have the same issue, but the reverse now. My ends are darker than my roots due to the ever multiplying gray hairs that don't hold the color the same as the ends. But, I had the same as you--I hated how my ends were lighter than the roots--well, mine would go brassy which I loathe.

    As for flakes---flakes are the scalp shedding. The more oil, the more the flakes multiple--at least for those with dandruff. yours may be dry scalp--not sure of your scalp's general type. I'm wondering if the honey , being sticky, adhered to the flakes and removed them. Is it temporary? Hard to say. Our scalp sheds flakes like skin----keep us posted :D