Monday, 21 July 2014

Where have you been all my life?

Okay, if you don’t want to hear me rave on and on about how awesome the Clarisonic is, you might want to skip this post.
I received this about a week ago and I absolutely love it!
I’ve been itching to write about it, but I wanted to try it for a while but I wanted to wait until I had used it a few times.
So far the only minus I found to it is that they ask you to let it charge for a full day before first use. Holy crap, was it a long time to wait when you itch to try your awesome new tool!

So, my review of the Clarisonic Plus…
I already wrote I love this thing, and I really do.
It has a good, solid feel to it. It’s so easy to use. It doesn’t rotate, but oscillate so it’s not abrasive to the skin.
It has a gentle “massage” feel to it, but I can feel the “buzz” resonating in my sinuses (Or something!) and it made me giggle a few times.
After each use, I saw a bit of a flush to my face. But this doesn’t feel uncomfortable, just a sort of “activated” stimulated feeling.
My skin has had a nice glow to it since I started using it and have felt a lot smoother and cleaner.
I was warned I could experience breakouts as your skin gets accustomed to the manipulation and deeper cleaning, but so far nothing has happened.

It came in this big box

Opens up to a description of the use, effect and results

The Clarisonic plus unpacked: Charging cradle and the device with the sensitive brush-head that came with it as standard

Inside the box was a promotion from Skinstore where I got it from, the instruction manual and a brochure from Clarisonic’s website where I could get 25$ off on my next order (Which is pretty pointless since they don’t ship outside of the US like Skinstore does!)

I ordered extra brush heads too: A body brush and a delicate brush. I knew that if the Clarinoic would work for me at all, I would want to use it for the rest of my body too. The delicate brush head is for OCM cleansing: I figured it would be a good idea to get the gentlest possible brush head if I’m going to manipulate my skin for longer periods of time, like it is beneficial for OCM.
Awesome detail: For the face brushes, the white outer bristles don’t move. Only the inner parts (Black and white) move. This means that the little splatters that your brush whips up will be caught in the stationary bristles. It’s surprisingly clever. I guess most people will do their facial care in front of the mirror, so there will be no mess on the mirror afterwards! The entire body brush oscillates, but that isn’t a problem since you will be using that one in the shower.

The box also came with a gel cleanser and an exfoliating gel. I have tried the exfoliator on some dry areas of my body, but otherwise stuck with my Avene products.
The exfoliating gel wasn’t anything special. But I guess a product can’t have too much “bite” when you use it with a Clarisonic?

Since I ordered from Skinstore, I got 3 free skincare samples. The grey product is a 30 ml handcream and a very generous size for a sample!

Of course since I ordered it directly from the US, I had a problem with the current so I had to order an adaptor from another place.

But even with the price of the Clarisonic + shipping + adaptor + shipping, I saved over 400 SEK over buying it at Kicks! (Plus, I gained 3 free skincare samples where of one is basically a full product size) 


  1. Is there no bad things about it?

    1. Well, I have noticed it takes a very long time to charge. But I'm the kind of person who puts my rechargeable devices right back in the charging cradles when I'm done with them so it doesn't bother me.