Thursday, 21 August 2014

Memebox overload

So I had 4 memeboxes arriving at my door yesterday. That really earned me some strange looks and comments from hubby. He was relieved to hear my next box, the earth & sea, wont ship until September 2nd.
Sorry Hubby!

For anyone tired of my posts on the Memeboxes, it should be a relief to hear you won’t be bothered by them until September some time.

3 of the boxes were from the package deal: Superfood, hair & body 3 and 2014 K-beauty wrap-up no. 1.
The first two are superboxes and the K-beauty is a “regular” box.
I must admit (shamefully) I had completely and totally forgot about the vitamin box I ordered a while back. Since it was ready to ship, it figures it would arrive the same day as the other 3, right?
I really don’t get why they didn’t ship all 4 in the same package though!
The package deal came with DHL and the vitamin box came by the regular postal service.

Memebox Special #20 Superfood

Ladykin Elmaju Broccoli essence toner
I was really curious how this thing would smell, especially since it says it is 90 % broccoli extract (!). Turns out it smells like candy… Sour apple gummies or something?
I will definitely use this one soon. I’m almost through a bottle of Avene cleansing water so this will go straight to the try next-list.
The skin house aloe soothing vitamin gel
Aloe vera. Ugh.
Secret nature from Jeju peeling gel
Look how big the bottle is. It can just barely fit into the pink box! Smells spicy and interesting. This is more of a gel than a grainy exfoliator, so I’m looking forward to try this. Had a laugh over the “Secret nature from Jeju” thing. Wut?

Ladykin phytoplan broccoli wrinkle radiance power ampoule
This bottle is seriously heavy! Again, this broccoli product smells of sour apples. Funny. Is that how broccoli extract smells? Could have fooled me! I tried it quick and it has a funny texture that feels slightly slimy in my hands, but it absorbs nicely without leaving any smell or weird texture. I will combine using this with the Ladykin Elmaju Broccoli essence toner.
Pure smile strawberry milk essence mask
Hah, this looks and sounds more like desert than a mask! Looking forward to try it. You can’t have too many sheet masks!
E choice red ginseng eye wrinkle solution treatment
I had trouble getting a good picture of the fancy little box. It’s very, very pretty and fancy-looking. I whined to Hubby about having too many eye creams now, especially since all my Korean eye creams seems to come in huge 30 ml products only! Hubby suggested I should give it to his mother for Christmas and that’s not a bad idea actually… It looks very pretty and exotic.

I have to admit I’m not an expert on what “superfood” is, but I thought it would be a little more blueberry and açaí, not aloe vera and broccoli!
As long as I like the products, no problem, but I would have felt a little cheated if the products had been bad and not the “super food” I expected. 

Memebox Special #21 Hair and Body #3
Wow. As I wrote before, this is a superbox. The largest size box. And still it was so stuffed full of products it didn’t have any of the soft paper “stuffing” the boxes usually have.

Finco body toner essence
I tried this on my hands and arms and it absorbed quickly without leaving residue. This is a great idea and I can see myself using this a lot. It should be perfect for skin that doesn’t really need a lot of moisture, or under a thicker body lotion for dry patches. Smells fresh, sweet and delicious too! I can see myself using this one a lot and potentially getting a new one when I run out.
The Memeshop carries it, so I added it to my wishlist so I wouldn't forget it.
Amini body soap bar
This seriously looks like a chunk of bright plastic. Odd. We will probably just use it for hand washing instead. Bar soap in the shower always seems to get so nasty.
Amini conditioning hair shampoo and rinse
Okay, so I know my hair is quite “extreme” and I need a lot of product, but this is a tiny and stupid sample. The compact square shape probably means it will be impossible to get the product out too.

CNKCOS multi cleanser color bean
These confuses me: The description paper basically says they can do everything cleaning related. Shampoo substitute, exfoliating, makeup removal, body wash etc. The cardboard box seems to say the different colour beans have different properties, but A) It’s in Korean and B) they seem to have an undefined smooshed together, vague tone all of them. Eh?
I made a bath for us and put these in the water to see if they would work as bath bombs too. Hubby hated the smell of them and refused to get in. I have to agree with him that the scent is weird: Like… spicy dust? Weird indeed. They slowly dissolved in the water and when smooshed, they left a sort of satiny powder. Not impressed. And the smell lingers in the bathroom now.
Cleosis musk perfume body mist
Skin soother and fragrance. Smells like alcohol. The intended use of this thing confuses me: Is it mostly for scent or mostly for moisturising the skin?
Shabath Hello Kitty massage towel
I randomly read up on this beforehand and in Korea you will use a rough towel to exfoliate when in a bathhouse. The “massage towel” turned out to be two cute little pink oven mitt sized things. Wasn’t exactly how I pictured the exfoliating towels to look!
They will probably end up more as decoration in the bathroom since I tend to shy away from exfoliating my sensitive skin too much now that I have a Clarisonic. There is the possibility that Hubby will use it more than me though: He really likes a good back scrub and have been stealing my exfoliating puffs for the shower before.
Shara Shara Dear Mademoiselle hair cap
This seems to be a cuter version of my usual cling wrap for hair treatments. Ends only, I think?

K-beauty wrap up no. 1

Secret Nature from Jeju cream
More aloe vera. Ugh. I complained to Hubby and he suggested I made a “potential gift”-box with things like this that I haven’t even opened. He pointed out how cool and exotic it looked and how someone else without aloe vera intolerance would really appreciate a fancy Korean product like that. Hmm. I didn’t just pick him for his sexy good looks, that Hubby of mine!
I have already recycled the cute and stackable pink Memeboxes to store little items in my closet, so I could easily use one to store “potential gifts”.
It does have that “heavy”, quality feel to it.
Secret key biody & dress perfume mist
I’ve been trying to figure out what this is supposed to smell like, but only figured out it is scent number “04”. Smells good though. Product card says they come in 7 different smells ranging from jasmine, musk, citrus to floral and fruity. I think this is one of the fruitier ones?
Rire lip manicure
I got this in colour 4: Rich raspberry.
Okay. I’m sorry for being dramatic, but I effing hate this thing! After applying this thing to my lips I had a genuine “Kill it with fire!!!”-reaction. WTF. It dries into this weird, plastic kind of coated feeling that also feels dry and not moisturising at all. And the colour? Ugh. I can only describe the result of using this horror as if someone had taken a picture of my face and then using Paint to plaster colour on my lips. Like a 2D, opaque, solid lump of colour on my lips. It even has a sort of plastic matte finish going on too. Just no. No. It is so dominating and unflattering. It has wild lasting-power too: I had to scrub my lips with makeup remover to kill it off. I’m so disgusted with this stupid thing I wont even share a picture of this horror. Sorry.
As I wrote already: Yea, dramatic. But I flat out hate his thing. I seriously cannot for the life of me imagine how this thing will ever be flattering on anyone.

The Skin House Dr. Clear magic stick roll
It’s a sort of roll on spot treatment. Smells really, really nice. You could have fooled me that this was a scent product. Odd.
Oseque dual sun block
This one is just plain dumb. I will demonstrate why with the next picture.
Wholic roll on perfume
I got mine in a scent called Lempicka. It smells funky when I sniff it from the tiny bottle, but applied to my skin made it smells pretty nice. I could see myself accidentally grabbing the wrong one of the skin stick roll and the perfume stick roll, lol. Same size and they both smell good!

And why is the Oseque dual sun block seriously dumb?

It’s both a spray and a squeeze bottle. Which means that the product is only 70 ml and only 1/3rd of the entire bottle is actually product and the rest is just for distributing and caps. Why? Is it supposed to be a clever 2-in-1 product for your shoulder bag? If so: Fail. I could buy both a spray and a squeeze bottle that would take up less room than this thing.

I just have to say it: This is my least favourite box yet.
First of all, I think it was misrepresented by its name: I assumed it would be a little more CC cream or aegyo sal liners and a little less… Well…
Let’s count up the products in this box, shall we?
  • Scents: 2 (Mist and roll on)
  • Skin products: 3 (Cream, sun block and spot treatment)
  • Nasty ass lip colour that I hate: 1
Am I wrong in saying that this box should have been called something along the line of “Scent and skin”??
Yet, this is what Memebox said about the box (And was what got me hooked)
It’s 2014 K-Beauty uncensored! We spritzed, powdered, lathered and puckered up our way through thousands of products- all to find the ultimate 2014 K-beauty collection! This beauty box is loaded with only buzz-worthy K-Beauty skincare staples, makeup must-haves, hair and body essentials, and other beauty breakthroughs that were the hallmark of K-Beauty in 2014! You’ll enjoy true K-beauty with all these beauty expert approved goodies, and have all the tools to recreate the hottest Korean looks of 2014! Prepare to meet your newest beauty obsessions!
I feel lied to.
  • Skincare staples? Yea, sure. Okay, I’ll give them that.
  • Makeup must-haves? Plural? No.
  • Hair and body essentials? Where is the hair essential in this? Is it the perfume mist that can be sprayed on hair? And what is the body essential? Is that the spot treatment? The sun block?
"…have all the tools to recreate the hottest Korean looks of 2014!"

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care

Elizavecca Real White vita-sauce
… “Sauce”? High dose of vitamin C in this one. Seriously, seriously cute bottle! I already had some of the broccoli essence on my face so I tried this on my legs and it left a sticky residue, so I’m not impressed. Hmm!
Amini vitamin shower body soap bar
Hmm. So I received two near-identical bar soaps in one day? Yea, it will either go to hand washes or to someone else (Probably also to be used for hand washes)
Pure Smile hand gel citrus wash
Cute little citrus-scented disinfecting gel. This went straight to my shoulder bag!
Pure smile gelee labo marmalade
Funny, jello-textured facial mask. It seems a lot like the Berrysture I received in the mask box a while back and I liked.

Pure smile juicy point pads lemon & orange
I tried something similar of a different brand and really liked them, so I’m looking forward to try them.
Evas vitamin sun cream
It looks like such a rip off of the Vitamin water bottles. This one went into my shoulder bag as well, to replace my less interesting-looking sunscreen. Why not carry the most interesting one with me?
Pure smile lip treatment mix fruits
4 products from Pure Smile in this box. Hmm?
I know some people have issues with the snail mucus products, but I don’t mind. It has a funny “warming”, tingling effect though. Very nice and lasting moisturising effect! It went into my shoulder bag too.

3 products from this one box have gone directly into my shoulder bag. Not bad!

My personal Memebox ranking so far
  1. Superbox #47 IOPE Box 2 I absolutely loved the Iope box. The skin products were wonderful and the air cushion the best foundation I’ve ever tried both in colour match and finish. I loved it so much I ordered a duplicate box!
  2. Memebox Special #20 Superfood 3 large sized products and a sheet mask I pretty much put to use right away. Nice!
  3. Superbox #16 Hair care. I haven’t tried the baobab oil or the Glam up steam pack yet, but the rest have absolutely been spot on and awesome.
  4. Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care Except for the soap bar and the vitamin essence that was slightly greasy, all the products were very nice and useful. A strangely inoffensive box: Everything was good, but nothing really excited me either.
  5. Memebox Special #10 Mask Edition 4. Even though not all the products were technically “masks”, I liked what I received.
  6. Memebox Special #14 Zero Cosmetics. Yea, this one just didn’t impress me.
  7. Memebox Special #21 Hair and Body #3 The body toner essence was the only thing I really cared for in this box.
  8. Memebox Special #22 K-beauty wrap up no. 1 The name and description were very misleading. The best product (the roll on scent) was pretty “meh” and the worst product (The lip colour) was instant hatred.

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