Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hah, I know *that* reaction a little too well

Yep, that was how quite a few people reacted back when I shaved my head. Because, of course, what someone else does with their body and their appearance has something to do with you, right?
I didn’t see the over the top dramatic tears-thing like Kitty does, but pretty damn close.

(From Uncanny X-Men #173, back in 1983)


  1. How long was your hair when you shaved it all off? I assume it was a huge change? I think it's the increment of change that shocks people. If you had it one inch long and shave it, maybe not a big deal.

    Also that is often associated with chemotherapy...did anyone have a concern that you had contracted cancer?

    1. I think it was around waist/hip-ish length?
      No one ever mentioned cancer around me though. Hmm...