Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Etsy sucks!

So, my beautiful and awesome new hair stick is lost in the mail.
Effing Etsy!
After I placed the order, I had the thought that last I checked in on Etsy, it had this weird bug where it mixed my former Danish address up with my current Swedish.
So I checked, and sure enough: still bugged.
I managed to fix it and sent the store-owner an email telling her what had happened and asked that she would send it to my correct address.
Unfortunately she told me, her father who makes the sticks had sent the stick out without checking the email.
So now my awesome stick is lost in the Danish mail. I contacted them, but have no hope whatsoever that I can get my stick back. The Danish mail sucks ass and they don’t give a crap about customer service.
The store owner was nice enough to refund the stick and shipping cost, but I’m just upset at the loss of a stick.

Does anyone have any experience with the curly sticks in the store?

I like these two, but aren’t sure if a curly stick would work for me at all.

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