Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fake bangs, part 1

The failed fake bangs have only seemed to stoke my urge to get a proper wig part.
But I have also been afraid of having to deal with more trouble of having to return something that didn’t work again. I guess you really can’t properly see the colour of a wig part on a computer screen: You need to see it close to your own hair in a variation of light conditions.

So I ordered a colour ring showcasing the colours available to Swedish brand Rapunzel that specialises in hair extensions. They have a line of fake bangs in artificial fibres that I am interested in.

So, out in direct sunlight with me and the colour ring. 

The colour ring. I like how the artificial fibers feel close to my own hairs texture. Very different from the fine and fragile-feeling human hair bangs I tried. 

Colour #08: Copper brown.
Too dark, too red.

Colour #09: After much searching I haven't been able to find this one anywhere. I guess they don't stock/make this colour anymore? 

Colour #10: Medium ash brown. Pretty good fit, don't you think?

Colour #12: Golden brown. Also a pretty good fit!

Colour #16: Light copper blonde. Hmm. Indoors I thought this looked pretty close, but I guess the light tricked me?

Hmm. Now that I have taken the pictures out of the camera I can see I need to check the colours out in unnatural light too.


  1. rockpaperscissorlizardspock1 November 2014 at 20:07

    Hey, I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch. Our real estate broker called friday afternoon t otell us we have a viewing on sun and I've been cleaning and decluttering like a fiend since then and promptly forgot all about fun and nice things to do such as meeting you.
    Would tuesday or wednesday after 1630 somewhere near Malmö C be a suitable time and place for you?

    1. No problem, I figured you might be busy when you're moving in December! :)
      Tuesday would be perfect for me, any time. Have any particular place in mind we could meet up at?

    2. rockpaperscissorlizardspock2 November 2014 at 08:27

      Yeah, it's a bit much at the moment but well, this too shall pass :) (shut up Gandalf/voice in the back of my head). Hmm, i'm thinking of a nice place to meet up but I guess it depends a bit on the weather and what sort of beverage it nudges us towards (although I must admit I'm partial to beer, wrapped in a blanket seated under twin burners at full capacity. What's your poison?) There are a lot of cafes, pubs and miscellaneous restaurants (with flexible eating policys) at Lilla Torg so that's an alternative. We could meet in front of Hotel Kramer and take it from there?

    3. I feel for you :) So little time to have everything fixed to move, ouch!
      Let's meet at hotel Kramer... 16:30? 17:00?
      (My poison is pretty much summed up with "Yay, poison!", so... yea.)
      I'll probably be in a black beanie and carrying a big blue Hummel shoulder bag... I should be recognizable even without my bun showing!

    4. rockpaperscissorlizardspock3 November 2014 at 08:34

      how about 16:35? I'll be carrying a brown "leather" bag and (depending on weather) a big brown fjällräven jacket or a grey coat. Most probably also a tiny tiny bun hehe

    5. Awesome! I will see you tomorrow! :D

    6. rockpaperscissorlizardspock3 November 2014 at 19:47