Friday, 14 November 2014

I, pervert

I was sorting some old pictures and moving them from my laptop to my desktop. Among them was a picture I took back in may at Lundakarnevalen.
Back then I considered posting it, but decided against it because it felt so pathetic loser pervy lurker-ish that I had even taken it in the first place.

I have seen this woman around in Lund before and noticed her because of her classic+ length braid. Enviable thickness, all the way down especially since she has bangs too!

I blame the existence of this picture on that fact that I had quite a few ciders at the time I took it! 


  1. It's NOT perverted! We are fascinated by hair--I sometimes save photos from people I see on pinterest, for styles they have tried. I can't mimic the style because I don't have the length or thickness,but I do stare at them in awe. I think it's ok--like staring at gorgeous horses and wishing I had them ;)

  2. Long hair is associated with beautiful women from near the start of recorded human history and ever since.
    I'd say your interest is perfectly normal. Thanks for sharing a beautiful photo!