Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 in hindsight: Beauty

In 2014 I learned about the Asian skincare routine and made friends with Memebox. The multistep Asian skincare routine makes so much more sense to me! It’s not reinventing the deep dish, but taking your “normal” skincare steps and putting a lot more effort and thought into it.
I thought the extra products and stimulation would piss off my sensitive skin, but it seems alright with it. To be honest, my skin hasn’t improved a lot. I still get redness and irritation, but I think I see more of a “glow” going.
However, even if you compare the “lack” of results, I still prefer knowing my skin has been properly cleansed, toned, moisturized and protected against the sun.

I also invested in a Clarisonic for my skin and absolutely love it.

Memebox was a real obsession for me for a few months, but now I have reached a real point of saturation on the boxes. No matter how awesome a product, I still have backups of it or something similar already. Most of the products have been really awesome for me and the majority of my skincare products are now from Memebox.

I have also taken a real interest in Asian beauty bloggers (Not necessarily bloggers who are Asian, but bloggers who like the Korean skincare methods and the Asian skincare products). 
What I like the most about these girls, is that they freely admit how much effort it takes for them to look as perfect as they do. They openly talk about products, routines, getting regular professional facials, plastic surgery, the amount of makeup, the circle lenses and false eyelashes and so on and so on. 
Not like the western beauty bloggers: "Oh no, I just rolled out of bed like this!
Bah. Lies.
I find it a lot more empowering to know how much money and time these bloggers actually, honestly put into looking as perfect as they do. And then having the option of deciding if you actually, honestly want to invest as much effort to get to look like them.

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