Friday, 19 December 2014

Action shot

...Of my newest hair stick from Morrigan. I thought it might be a bit too blunt, but it goes through my bun just fine.


  1. Quite lovely.
    I always amazed at the amount ALL your hair can be minimized in such an updo.

  2. I tag you for the Jolly Blogger Award!
    Please tell us the following!

    1. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    2. Favourite Christmas song?

    3. Favourite Christmas/holiday movie?

    4. Favourite Christmas decoration?

    5. Favourite Christmas food?

    6. Favourite holiday/winter drink?

    7. Snow or no snow?

    8. Do you send out cards or no cards?

    9. Do you still secretly believe in Santa Claus?

    10. Your favourite winter clothing item?

    11. One beauty product you cannot be without this winter?

    12. Best Christmas memory?