Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hair-blogging 101 with Igor!

Want to learn the simple rules of hair-blogging? Well, wait no more!
Igor is here to teach you!

Rule #1: Post only flattering pictures of yourself!

Rule #2: Take good care of your hair and make sure to stick with old methods that are proven to work!

Rule #3: Take good care of your skin!

Rule #4: Beer is actually good for hair!

Rule #5: Applying rule #3 and rule #4 in the wrong order can be pretty annoying.

Rule #6: Improvise!

Rule #7: Ignore the Hubby when he calls you a moron.


  1. THIS is quite awesome...and you are pretty darn good looking even when you're trying not to be...

  2. You rock! Hahaha. And for the record, I used to have a bathrobe just like that ;)