Sunday, 5 July 2015


Maybe to help you get into the swing of blogging, you can tell us what you've been doing--just basic stuff? What your life was like away from home/what your job entailed (be as vague as you want), and how your hair was treated (or not ;) ).
That’s a good idea, thanks Darkhorse!
I can go in detail with the hair stuff, not that it’s been very interesting! 
Work was a mostly-office job with a lot of hours. So my day was pretty much to get up early, whip my sleep braid up in a Nautilus bun and then sit in front of a computer until late in the afternoon. Then I would go train (Still managed to gain some weight since mostly-boring office environments seems to make people bring in lots of sugary snacks!) WO-rinse my hair and braid it, do a Korean skincare routine and go to bed early.
Exciting stuff!
I did CO washes and my Ankylosaurus in the weekends, where I still had to go to the office, but with fewer hours.
Pretty much an awesome benign neglect routine for my hair and a high maintenance routine for my skin.

That's absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if you could post a video showing how to do this bun, please as I find the diagrams confusing...??? Thanks :)AnonymousOn the Suebian knot
Hi Anon.
I actually promised myself never to make videos ever again. Too many “How the hell did you even manage to survive until you were old enough to operate a computer, if you’re really, truly that stupid??”-type people and too many pathetic losers with nothing better to do with their life than to look up stuff they know would offend their claustrophobic world view, just so they can bitch and whine about it on Youtube.
Bu-ut I’ve also been thinking of giving it one last shot where I upload as a private link (Or whatever it’s called: That thing where you can only find and see the video if you have the link already)

So, I’ll think about it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you've been busy but I think you've been taking care of yourself--hair and skin, just not 'indepth' type stuff :) Not sure why the photos didn't work on my browser. Meh...computers ;)