Friday, 28 August 2015

I did something creepy

I saw this woman on the bus the other day. And I snapped a picture of her hair.
Bad. I know.

She was obviously a longhair like me, but I couldn't decipher for sure how she had put her hair up.
Also, what is that hair stick? It honestly looks like some sort of skewer stick more than a real hair stick.
I'm super impressed she could hold her but up with such a wimpy stick!

So, here's what I think she did.

From how thick the lower roll is, I'd say this was the beginning of the tail.
So I'm guessing she first put her hair in a ponytail, then inserted the stick through it horizontally.
Then, I guess she rolled it  up around the stick.
But it looks like the lower part goes the entire width of her bun? So where does the ponytail start?
Did she start coiling left first, then pulled it right?

The next part I'm more sure about: It looks like the tail has continued above the hair stick, but has been pressed downwards by the last bit...

...Where I guess she used the ends to loop around the bun between the bun and the back of her head?

It was a really nice style and I would like to copy it.
But I cant figure out the beginning of the structure.

Any inputs from my readers?


  1. Hello :) , ive been reading your blog for a little while and really enjoyed it, i spent much too long debating whether to leave a comment or not ( guess im just a bit weird like that),but what the hell :p , i think twisting the hair and then wrapping it around the stick definitely makes sense... maybe they pulled it up through the middle? This bit sounds a bit stupid because i would never work up the courage to do it myself but.. maybe if you see her again you could ask ? maybe dont mention the photo tho ;) , i was also wondering if you knew what was going on with UTT, it might just be me but it looks like the account has been taken down :( , sorry this was a bit long and babbly ( i tend to do that ) :) ,thank you!

    1. Hi Anon :)
      I think I see what you mean by "pulling it through the middle", at least I think that would explain better to me how you could hold up such a massive head of hair by such a wimpy stick!
      I've had some issues with UTT too, but I'm not sure whats happening there. I heard from someone there's been some internal mod issues and some stuff about ownership or something like that, so maybe that's whats happening? I feel a bit left out of it lol

    2. Thanks for replying , im glad its back up now , i think darkhorse may have got the gist of it ,it does look like a chop stick :)) , apparently UTT was hit with some kind of virus type thing :(

  2. Dear Anonymous, I thought the same as you; the lady probably did a lazy wrap around a loose figure 8 bun... Maybe the very thin stick couldn't hold the whole construction firmly, thus this result.
    And yup, that would be wonderful if one day, by chance, our Lady Igor could see again this woman and ask her about this 'do. ;o)

    About UTT, your words abate me, as I registered four days ago and can't reach my account for 2 days!
    I hope everything's right with the staff...

    Cheers to you both!

    PS: Speaking of buns, dear Ida, I saw in your "Fun with hair" video that you did the recreation of Elling woman's amazing braided bun... I would love to read your thoughts/tutorial about it, of course if you can! ^^

    1. Good thinking Charlaine, that would explain a lot: A slipping/failing construction would make it really difficult to figure out how you did it originally!
      Do you know anything about the UTT-issues?
      Ah yes, the Elling woman bun. It's one of those good "workhorse" buns. It deserves more attention, so I will definitely write more about it :)

  3. Cheers to you to :) , with UTT , it was about two days ago i noticed i couldn't get onto the webpage ( im not registered yet , i set up an account a couple of weeks ago but sent them a message asking if they wanted me to change my email as it didn't seem to be working - i then read it may take a while during holidays * facepalm*) its reassuring to know im not the only one having problems with it , i wasnt sure who to ask but i thought maybe miss igor here might have some ideas :) , its such a lovely forum and the members and staff are really friendly , it will be sad if anything amis has happend :(

  4. It looks like a plastic chop stick. She's got a ton of hair--I'm surprised that held---maybe she did it just for the bus ride home?

    1. That could definitively be the case! My hair would murder a wimpy stick like that in no time and the lady had a LOT of hair for sure. Maybe even more than me! That really added to my "wow"-reaction :)

    2. She looks as if she did it quickly, so my guess was the chopstick was available---but a plastic chopstick? Not only are they weak, but slippery ;) I'd just ask her next time--you both have long hair---I'm quite an extrovert though--if I see someone with long hair, I'll start chatting. :D

  5. No clue on the style but her hair looks amazing. You really need to strike up a friendship. I'd wager you are kindred spirits!

    1. Hehe, it would be really cool to have a real life hair-friend for stuff like this. Someone who is as interested in buns and care as me :)
      I wonder what the odds are that this is a "known" longhair? I mean, she obviously have a lot of hair, how many can there be like this?

    2. I think most of us technical types tend to be introverts (at least in real life, not so much on the internet, ISTJ for me on Meyers-Briggs). If you see her again, well just go for it. I suspect you would find someone with a lot of common bonds.