Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hair inspiration

I can't clearly see how she fixated the braids at the sides, but I figured maybe I could do it with a pair of Flexies. That turned out to be a fail: I couldn't really get the Flexies to hold and the Flexies kinda looked stupid.

So then I tried to pull the braids through the Dutch braid part and that worked out pretty well. So I repeated it until I ran out of length and tucked the leftovers in.

It held really well. I didn't even need to use a tool to hold it up.

Would I do this style again?

I honestly don't know. I did like it, but I also think I could do better things with a double dutch braid-base, like this or this.


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  2. Thank loos very much like the updo of an Italian comtessa! Not something I personally would wear, but very impressive and fun!

  3. Quite beautiful..I really like how it utilizes the different braid size "downstream" with the taper to provide a geometric contrast.