Thursday, 10 September 2015


As usual when I visit my parents I have my mother trim my hair.
I asked for 5 cm or so, but I think she took off 7. I don't really mind though.
It's funny when your hair reach a certain length: I couldn't tell I had lost any length by feel, but I can see how the end of the braid has thickened up and the tassel got shorter.

I think I've reached a length where my hair can't keep any sort of hemline or thickness at the ends for much longer. I'm tempted to get a creaclip and maintain here for the rest of the year or so. Either that or just give in to the fairy tale ends, lol.


  1. It's very nice that you have a trustworthy trimmer.
    As for the future, I'd just say relax, grow, enjoy. ;-)

  2. If you get a creaclip, let me know how it works. I've often wondered how they work vs what we see on youtube ;)