Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas calendar content

This doesn't really deserve a post of its own, but I still want to show it off!

Hmm. I wonder if this one will contain any hair products?
Bodyshop does have some hair stuff, but to be honest I'm not familiar with their products at all.

1st: Pink grapefruit shower gel.
Yum! This one smells awesome. Totally mouth-watering!

2nd: Strawberry lipbalm.
I had to check on the inside of the lid for today just to make sure it was a lipbalm and not an exfoliator or something, as it didn't say on the product. This one smells really awesome too. It actually smells like real strawberry, not that nasty, artificial "strawberry".
Unfortunately I wont be using it at all. I hate balms in little pots like this. What am I supposed to do? Use a finger to apply it and then wipe my finger clean on my pants? Carry around a little applicator brush separately, so that one can get all nasty in my bag? Just try to stick my mouth into the pot? Yuck.

3rd: Tea tree toner.
Hmm, yea, I have nothing positive about this one. First of all, it smells so much of tea tree. Like getting smacked in the face by a tea tree branch. No way I would use that. Second, it violates my rule of sensitive skin to avoid "purposes" and adjectives in my products. This one is all about "clearing" and "blemished skin". Looking at the ingredient list (Okay, points for having it on the product and in a font size you can actually read!) the second ingredient is alcohol denatured which is a strong irritant. It also contains citral, which is a fragrance and has some safety concerns. Almost at the bottom of the list I find tocopherol which is both an irritant and can cause acne. Will not use.

So that's 2 out of 3 products directly in my discard pile. D'oh.

(I just realized that the background looks kind of weird. It's a bomb replica from Fallout. It came with the Fallout anthology that I got Hubby for his birthday)


  1. The tea tree line from bodyshop is some of the worst stuff I've ever put on my face. It irritated and dried my skin out and caused a massive break out. So many pimples, so many scabs to pick. It took quite a while for my face to recover.
    It was almost as bad as that time when I tried ocm and thought that it would be a great idea to put coconut oil on my face. I ended up with blackheads all over my face + big, painful pimples.

    1. I appreciate your reply! Okay, that settles it: I won't even try this once.
      And ugh... coconut oil *shudder* I always get angry when I see it recommended for skin in general, lol. And why IS that? So many sources name it a skin irritant: and yet so many articles recommends trying it for skin? Awful stuff indeed! Good for my hair, pure death for my skin.
      Did coconut oil make you itch a lot too? It did for me >__<

    2. I also get angry when I see coconut oil recommended for skin, because it messed my face up so bad. It was alright on my legs and hair, but definitely not the magical cure-all many people claim it is. It didn't itch when I put it on my body, but my face got quite itchy. Extra virgin olive oil is the only oil my face tolerates, but I don't do ocm anymore. Water only and lots of sunscreen work well for me. :)

  2. I am not a fan of the Bodyshop and we have one down the street from me. I'm not a fan of tea tree oil either. I love those lipglosses though. Never bought any of my own--the ones I get always have an applicator in them. I hope your other goodies are more useful :)