Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Clarisonic

Aka: "Part two of why March has been such a bad month for my poor skin".

My beloved Clarisonic broke about a month back. Actually it semi-broke first so I could only use the stupid T-timer function for a few weeks before it died completely. 

I really loved that thing. 
Unfortunately, it turned out (After lots and lots of Googling) that the Plus-model has been discontinued. 
None of the remaining models have the body brush option.
Double crap.
All of the remaining models can only use T-timer mode.
Triple crap.

The T-timer is this ridiculous function where the Clarisonic beeps after a certain set time (Like 10 and 20 seconds) and shuts off after a minute. Because it's telling you in what order to wash your face: So many seconds for the nose and mouth, then you must move to the cheek clockwise for so many seconds etc.
It's a stupid and pointless function. 
I'll be the judge of where and for long my skin requires attention, thankyouverymuch.

So for a long time I researched other options.

I almost bought a Foreo Luna 2 for sensitive skin instead. 
Those have rave reviews and are said to be specially gentle for sensitive skin. But strangely my skin always liked the massage from the Clarisonic. I guess because it oscillates instead of rotate?

I ended up rejecting the Luna since I keep coming back to the same thought: I severely dislike the idea that it has no replaceable parts.
No matter how thoroughly I would clean this thing, it would creep me out I could never, ever replace he bristles.

So, sigh, I ended up (Unenthusiastically) getting myself a Clarisonic Aria.

Well, my skin was none the less happy to see a Clarisonic again.
I have an odd feeling of feeling sorry for this thing though: Sorry but I'll never love you as much as much as I did the last one.

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  1. I hear you. I hate, hate, hate when they discontinue something you absolutely adore.