Friday, 27 May 2016

Hair inspiration

I never got the infinity bun to work for me, so I hoped these simple instructions worked for me.
Well... They sort of didn't.
First of all, I couldn't get any pins or scroos to hold my hair at all, so I tried with a Ron Quattro fork.
I couldn't really tell what she did at step #8, but at #7 it looked like she just tucked the tail under?
Anyways: It got pretty lopsided. And wasn't pretty at all. Hmpf.


  1. Hi again. I just saw your answer to my comment just now where you say that ny name doean't "ring a bell". Yes we did meet. For drinks and dinner in Malmö. After which you posted an entry named "Rock rocks" or similar. We are also friends on Facebook.where we've chatted a bit since. But yeah. Always nice to be reminded of how special one is ^^

    1. Jenni :) Of course. Too many names and usernames to keep track of in the longhair circuit. Gosh, it's been a while, haven't it?

    2. Bingo :) and yeah it has :) I read more than comment but I'm still here :)

    3. Good to "see" you again for sure :) I don't go on facebook much (Because it bores me) or on the forums (By now I seriously think I've seen all there is to see about hair on a forum!) so yea, easy to lose track of people...