Monday, 9 May 2016

Last week in hair

A while back I got a request to go through a routine or daily care for my hair. Since it might be interesting for those with a similar or near-similar hairtype, it's been on my to do-list for a while now.
So, here goes: My very exciting week in hair!

I start off my week with a seminar in Denmark. As usual when I go there, I meet up with Frigga from UTT. I really like talking hair (theory) with her because her hair is so very different from mine. It's no fun talking about methods with someone who just does the same as you...

The Danish "Can it be summer soon please?"-weather showed itself from its best side, so it was awesome to go shopping in.

Frigga introduced me to a new shop that carries her favorite leave in-conditioner.

I think the brand Gosh was very, very popular maybe a decade ago?
So awesome to see leave in-conditioners becoming almost mainstream!

Haha. Good choice for cover-model!

There's a cute little hole in the wall-type sushi place in the city. I make a note of it for tomorrow.

Collected shopping:
  • I used to really love the Glitter magazine for their damage free, simple updos but this one actually disappointed me. It used to be more "Use this tool like this..." instead of backcombing and such. Hmm!
  • Two leave in-conditioners: Gosh Much More Moist (lol) I need to review this one... 
  • A couple of nostalgia-scents: CK Eternity for hubby and CK one for me
  • A sheet mask for the neck, which to my surprise had hyalurunic acid on the ingredient list
I had hoped the shower conditions had improved, but no. I did a long and not so thorough WO-wash and settled for a good body scrub. Put my hair in a single braid for a quick Nautilus for tomorrow.

More meetings today. Then return to Sweden to Hubby.

I woke up to soft cooing from outside the window. Cute but dumb: I could probably have reached out and touched it!

I get sushi to go from the little sushi place I saw yesterday.

Also I bring home delicious steaks for dinner.
Hubby trims my hair for me. After the trim, I put my hair back in a single braid.

I always wake up feeling really crappy and tired the day after seminars.
The good thing about working from home is that I can go with the feeling of crappiness and spend all day in my pyjamas. So I do. Eventually in the evening, I make three braids to make a headband+bun updo the next day.

The headband+bun updo was an annoying fail. Bah. I guess it would only really work if your braids are "fresh" aka. you haven't slept on them and messed them up?
Hair could use a wash. Hmm.

Skin seems pretty unhappy. Uh-oh?

Ever had a product that you really loved? Like, really-really loved?
But because it was either pricey or difficult to get, you ended up saving it "For a special occasion".
And then somehow the "special occasions" just never really seemed to happen, because nothing was "special enough". Or something.
So the product ended up gathering dust despite that you really-really loved it.

That's how I felt about the WELCOS Confume Argan Treatment Hair Pack. I love-love it: It turns my coarse hair incredibly soft and shiny.
I used it up today in a 4 hour deep conditioning session with the heating cap and my hair was so incredibly soft and awesome afterwards.
Hair is now in a simple braid with some Matas' argan leave in conditioner.

Hubby and I play Smash up half the day. I review the Matas argan leave in-conditioner.

I have ordered the WELCOS Confume Argan Treatment Hair Pack at Testerkorea.
Why haven't I done that ages ago?

I also ordered two other conditioners in the line:
Baobab oil
And argan + gold (Fancy!)

I have been avoiding ordering hair products because they weigh so much (Ugh, shipping)
But I figured: Hey, just get all the stuff I want and suck it up.
So I did.
After a lot of research and some math, I put together an order of haircare products, makeup and skincare products. I got a little carried away with the essences, but finally put it together so I have 4-5 possible skincare product routines.
My order clocked in at over 12 kg. Yikes. Maybe I should have milk and cookies ready for the poor DHL delivery guy?

Also, here is a general tip if someone should consider ordering something from Testerkorea
Often their products are misplaced in the sections and it makes it difficult to get the things you want.
So make sure to use the general search function!
This time, I wanted to get a good SPF mist. Not a Western-style spray, but a Korean-style mist.
When I searched for "SPF" in the mist-section I got two options: One containing aloe vera and one I thought was too pricey. Well, "pricey" is relative, but I could almost buy a whole set of the Secret Key snail products for the same price, so... But when I searched for "SPF mist" in the general search, I found another option for almost half the price at twice as much product. Sold, and thank you.

Hair is in a figure 8 bun.
I think hubby has been feeling neglected lately (First I'm gone 6 days a week for 3 months, now I'm back working mostly from home and being too busy to give him attention) so we have a "date day" where we eat out, watch Civil War and hang around in the park to ea ice cream and feed the birds.

Skin has been increasingly unhappy since Thursday. Stupid skin. What is its problem this time?
Suddenly it hates the Eucerin ultra sensitive and the Scinic products that it has been happy with for a very long time. I suspect I don't tolerate glycerin anymore.
That would just be so typically my skin. I mean, honestly: Who is allergic to everyone's favorite plant, aloe vera? Me. Who has an instantly comodegenic effect with intense itchiness and breakouts to everyone's favorite oil, coconut oil? Me.
Who might as well have an intolerance to something that is just about in every skin product ever...? Yea, you guessed it.

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