Thursday, 15 September 2016


I totally lost the patience with the trim-schedule today and asked hubby to take off 10 cm or more. 
Yep, even I will take stress out on my hair. Hmm.

Anyways. I'm actually really happy with it. For the first time in years my hair feels "short", but also for the first time in years I feel that my ends have really thickened up!
Also, I'm finally back at fingertip length and combing is a breeze.
No regrets.
Length shot will come later when I can be bothered to let it air dry on it's own.


  1. It looks amazing!! And I can imagine having it at that length would be far easier for management, esp since I believe you've started your new job/project.
    I love those scissors btw!!

  2. I say wonderful!
    Of course fingertip is "incredibly long" by the standards of 99% of the population. ;-)
    And you're happy with it.
    Good work Lady Igor, but do follow up with that length pic. :-)