Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Length shot

I believe I owe a length shot?

For the first time, probably since I shaved my head, my hair feels short.
Crazy, huh?
All the trims I've had over the years (decade and a half about now!) this is the first time a trim left my hair feeling short.
It's not a bad thing though! My ends feels thick and awesome and healthy.
It's so much easier to comb too: One, big swoop with the comb and done. No need to grab the ends and bring them up and into reach.
I enjoy braiding my hair all the way to the ends now. Instead of thinning down to a sad little thing that isn't worth braiding, my hair now ends almost abruptly.
I love it!

Damp hair

Dry hair


  1. Your new hemline looks really great!

  2. Wow!!! When you asked a few months ago, I told you that you should do all you like. I'm happy you do that, your hair is beautiful and shinier. What plans do you have right now, cut it more, mantain or keep growing?

  3. That's as perfect as hair can be in my view. Even at the ends it is obviously super condition. Glad you've found your "happy place" with it. Rock on Lady Igor, you are an inspiration to many around the world. ♥

  4. Isn't it funny how we notice things like that? Your hair is super long to others, but to you, it's short---and you took off a fair bit which is what your noticing--the fact you can brush it easier and work with = short. I just noticed tonight how LONG my hair is as I had to try several times to get it to fit right in my helmet.