Saturday, 29 April 2017

My first white hair!

I found it yesterday at work. I had gone to the bathroom and while washing my hands I found something... glittering... in my hair.
It is completely and totally white. Not grey or any hint of my naturally brownish, blondish reddish thing.

I actually feel strangely proud of it. Also a little amused, because I guess this shows how much I really have of red tones in my hair (Redheads go directly to white, all other hair colours go through grey first)


  1. Earned through hard work and worry.
    I say enjoy and flaunt it.
    I won't be around to see it, but imagine a full head of long lush white hair. Sounds absolutely gorgeous to me.
    Does your Mom have changing hair with age?

  2. I had my proud lovely white strand since I was 18. my mom discovered it. we laughed a lot but we didn´t worry much: it could be easily hidden trough my layers. now I can´s see it very often because my hair got thicker than before (and healthier :) ). my fiancee saw it and he told me this little white strand is my luck and stress trough life. never break your luck.

  3. Uh, not exactly. Nobody has hair that goes to grey, as in, actual hairs are never grey coloured. The ashier or darker haircolours *appear* to go grey because the darker hair mix with the white hair into a grey-ish hue. Redheads turn a sandy blonde because their white hair mixes with red into a sandy hue.
    It's an illusion, the "graying" hair is actually white for everybody :)

  4. It's funny how people's hair is different when there is no pigment to it. My hair is a very coarse white, and curly!!! who knew I'd end up with spiral curls as I aged! Though I have to disagree with the poster who said all hair is the same since it lacks pigment. No, that isn't correct. While the pigment is gone, each person, as they age, will have folicular changes that will contribute to many variables: thickness, texture and type. This will lead to a grayer white or a whiter white. I spoke to my hair dresser about this. I found my first gray at 24 --when I started working in the horse industry full time ;)

  5. Yeah, as someone else said, everyone's hair goes just white. I have almost black hair and my whites are 100% shiny white.

  6. My father has silver temples. Literally silver and I would love to get a color like that some day. I guess I have basically the same hair color as you Ida. It's too dark to be considered a golden blonde, it's not really brown either, but a redhead also looks different.