Monday, 19 June 2017


My latest Testerkorea haul just arrived!

And... Holy crap, I didn't think I actually ordered this much?
But spread out on the floor, it took up a lot of space. Hmm!

I'm pretty unhappy with Testerkorea right now: It took over a month to show up. of course this is fair enough for such a haul, but it turned out the delay was caused by a single facial mister that had been discontinued. Not out of stock, discontinued. TK didn't know, or react to this until after I contacted them. Sloppy stock-control like that just pisses me off. it's just plain laziness or not having a system implemented.

I think I will try RoseRoseShop next time...

Unfortunately, it turned out I don't tolerate Tonymoly's Goat milk series at all. This is one of the items I was really looking forward to try, but after using it twice, my skin was pissed off and full of comedos. Judging from the "scorched" feeling and reaction, I think the problem was a too high pH and a too heavy formula. I gave it away to a college who was surprisingly happy to receive my leftovers, lol.

I thought this was pretty interesting too: I don't tend to order a lot of haircare products from Korean sites. As superior the skincare products generally are for my skin, they seem a bit more "Meh" compared to western products. But, I did pick up a few ampoules, some scalp scalers, a single leave in conditioner and a few regular conditioners...


  1. Mail like this makes anyone happy! Sorry the one product bothered your skin---boy do I know that feeling! I won a high end facial cleaning/package when I was first at a horse show one year--Cetaphil I want to say--and it was a great win! Hypo allergenic and perfume free---and of course, my skin hated it---felt like it was burning me and my skin went angry red. I gave it all to a friend who loved the stuff--but go figure? Oh well, the sponsors for that show were awesome and the prizes were just insane. I loved that the sponsors were very unique and not just horse related. :)

    1. That was a cool prize! Cetaphil was actually one of the brands I was about to try when I discovered the Korean approach instead (I had a list of brands and lines I read or heard about and wanted to try), so I'm happy I didn't! Really sorry it didn't work for you =/ Honestly, I found that the more emphasis a line has on "No blankety blank!!", the higher the chances are that my skin will hate it, lol