Saturday, 8 July 2017

Muddy mess

I've been really busy lately, so it's been a while since last I did a good deep conditioning. I decided to do a cassia treatment with one of the nice Korean conditioners from my latest haul

Mr. Igor of course decided it was the perfect time to sneak up on me and annoy me since I was pretty defenseless (Unless I wanted the entire bathroom to be smeared in cassia mud!)

Mr. Igor is a moron, but I love him.

I did get him to take a picture of the structure of my enormous, muddy mess of a bun though...


  1. He's a very lucky fellow ...and I love when you smile! ♥

    Oh and the periodic table is pretty awesome too.

    1. I always feel silly smiling at my hair-pics ;) Like I'm smiling at an imaginary friend or something!
      Good thing I have hubby to inject silliness in my life :)