Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Packing for sun

I haven't been a good wife lately. The last year or so, I've been working too much. I try to stay away for work less than 12 hours a day (Mostly to manage my own stress, but still), but since I probably average 6 workdays a week... Yea, Mr. Igor doesn't see me a lot.

Mr. Igor doesn't complain though (Good hubby!) but I can tell he misses me and feels a little underappreciated.

To surprise him, I booked us a vacation!

We're going to Madeira for 8 days in the end of the month. I wanted something warm and nice, not too uncivilized and not too touristy. Everyone I know who has been to Madeira really recommends it and since neither of us have been in Portugal, this was a good choice.

We have a few things planned already, but mostly I just want to leave the hotel with some bottles of water and just wander in some random direction, just see some things and find some nice little place to eat. This will be great!

Autumn is already kicking in full force here, so it will be wonderful to get some real sun and high temperatures. Average temperature is above 20 C when we will be there in Funchal:

Compare this to the temperatures in Copenhagen where I work:
The average temperature in Funchal is higher than the highest average in Copenhagen!

Basically I'm just packing light clothes and lots of SPF...

Mr. Igor has been really busy reading travelbooks. I think he is already planning for when we can go back. Hehe.

Funny little note for my international readers: We will be travelling with a company named Spies.

It's pronounced more like spi-ehs, with a sharp "i" sound. It's a travel agency started back in 1956, and the family name of the guy who started it.

So my main concerns are sun protection for my skin and hair.

For my hair, I'm packing:

Also I ordered some L'Anza leave in protector, which should contain the most SPF of the two L'Anza leave ins I got my hands on


  1. Holy smokes! I had no idea it got THAT chilly so quickly in Coppenhagen!! Have a great vacation! :)

  2. Snail Sunscreen? Do I want to know :D

  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and realize the first chart is the vacation destination and the second is Coppenhaggen. Oops. and the bars are rain, not temp. It's ok....I'm fine...really... ;)