Friday, 20 October 2017

Hair stuff from Beauteque

I have been pretty happy with my Beauteque subscription. it has provided me with lots of fun new things to try, even though I have given a lot of stuff away to friends and coworkers. But then again, I am super picky with skin stuff..

This month, it arrived with three hair-items among the other stuff: A scalp massager, a conditioner and a shampoo.

Well, the shampoo went to hubby. It's kind of crazy how we haven't had to buy shampoo for him since... ever? Since he gets his full shampoo supply from my subscription boxes and 2-in-1 deals and stuff like that when I buy conditioners.

The conditioner? Mayo and banana? 

I'll bring it to work and see if someone is brave enough to want it. Maybe someone who doesn't hate the smell of bananas will want it.

The scalp massager turned out to be a fail too: I already have a Assoter scalp massaging brush I got back in 2014 from a Memebox superbox that I use once in a while. The new one turned out to be simultaneously too hard and too weak to go through my hair to really get into my scalp. How is that even possible?

Such a disappointment.

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