Friday, 8 December 2017

Christmas hair accessories

Hmm. So yesterdays Throwback Thursday made me a little sad I don't have any more cool Christmas hair accessories. So I went out to look for some, but have to admit it was a little hard to find some that were adult enough for me, while still being fun and playful.
And I guess by being "adult" I mean something that looks like decent quality and doesn't just look like cheap plastic...?

Can't really say these were adult though?
Still kind of fun!


  1. I know in my area, all dollar stores have loads of fun stuff for hair...and you can make something if they don't have it---like adding bells or such. (not that I will do that in my line of work ;) )

    Question: Do you have a periodic table in your bathroom? Trying to make out the reflection in your phone :D

    1. Ah, thank you! That's a good idea :) I will go see if I can find something at a store like that! So far I only looked at jewelry stores and accessories stores.
      Answer: Yes XD Was a gift from Hubby some years back. I love it :)

    2. I was surprised at the stuff I found--if I'm at my dollarstore tomorrow and see some, I'll get you some! A little 'hair christmas' goodie package. I know they have Christmas scrunchies and such and I know you don't use metal items, but if I find fun things, you could take apart and reattach to something else. The bigger question would be if it would make it to you on time! hahahahaha