Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Ellingwoman/Nautilus hybrid bun

My comment about the Ellingwoman being more stable than the Nautilus bun the other day gave me an idea.
So, here goes...

Hair is in a French braid.

Create a loop like for a regular Nautilus bun.

Poke fingers in under the French braid part.

Pull braid in through, under the loop and under the French braid-part.

Adjust loop size and pull a little more of the braid through.

Keep wrapping around the base of the braid and pulling through the French braid in the same spot.

Pull outer loop over the inner parts.

Put tool in between outer loop and inner parts.

Push tool out again between outer loop and inner parts.

This was super comfortable and stable!
Also, having the inner braids "hidden" under the French part allows the braid to show better. The bun looks "cleaner".

Compare this to a regular Nautilus bun:

Here's my simplified paint-explanation to show what happened:

On a regular Nautilus bun, you have the outer loop (Orange) going around the inner loop (Red) when you finish the updo. But the inner loop (Red) is only actually secured by the outer loop (Orange) going around it and holding it in place. It is very secure as an updo, but it needs a tool to hold it up through too much activity. I usually pin the tool in between the outer and inner loops and out again on the other side.

By pulling the inner loops (Red) in through the French braid, like the Ellingwoman bun, the inner loops are held up on their own. The outer loops (Orange) are the only part of the updo that needs a tool to stay in place. By pinning a tool in between the outer and inner loops and out again on the other side, you create an extremely secure updo, because you anchor the outer loops to the already secure inner loops.


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! As always, thank you for educating and inspiring beautiful long hair. Merry Christmas! ♥

  2. Igor, Will you grow tour hair? Or you will cut ir more?

    1. Right now I'm not sure. I do like the idea of growing it, but I also enjoy the lentgh it has right now...

  3. This is brilliant! I love the look of the Ellingwoman bun, but have no time to fuss with my hair. (I have finer hair, and it tends to be a bit fussy to put up in one, cause of the lopsidedness.) This will allow me the stability of the braided nautilus, and the look of the Ellingwoman. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! And ugh, I agree, the lopsidedness is what keeps me from doing the Ellingwoman bun more often. Even when you know it's on purpose, it's just not...pretty...or comfortable in the long run :(
      I'd love to see your hair in this btw! Would be awesome to see what you think. Maybe we can compare notes?

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